For Government funded students and non-funded students, see the AustCare Training Fees List 2019 here.

The student co-contribution fee and Police Check will need to be paid in full prior to the commencement of the courses. The remainder can be paid in weekly or fortnightly installments via Ezidebit. Please contact us office on (07) 5646 5888 to chat to our Accounts Team regarding payment plans.

Important: All fees are to be paid before any documentation is released, including your certificate.

For more details regarding Government Funding and eligibility, see “How does Government Funding work?


*Fees are subject to change.

Certificate 3 Guarantee Program
The Certificate 3 Guarantee Program funded by the Queensland Government supports eligible individuals to complete their first post-school certificate III qualification. It also supports school students to access training and Queensland’s Year 12 graduates to transition to employment by providing free training in high priority qualifications.

If you are eligible for the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program funded by the Queensland Government, you will only need to pay the cost of your co-contribution fee.

Are you eligible?
To be eligible you must meet a set of entry requirements. If you can tick all of the following statements, you may be eligible for this funded training program.
  • I am an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen currently residing in Queensland
  • I am 17 years of age or older
  • I am no longer at school
  • I do not already hold a post-school Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma or higher qualification
  • I am not currently enrolled in a post-school Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma or higher qualification


*Any student who successfully completes a Certificate III or higher qualification will no longer be eligible for a subsidised training place under the Certificate 3 Guarantee.
*The Certificate 3 Guarantee is only accessible once for one qualification.For more details regarding the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program, click here.



Boost Back to Work Program

You may be eligible for the Queensland Government’s Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost, assisting unemployed jobseekers or those at risk of unemployment to link with training opportunities to help with finding a job or stay in employment. This funding is offered to those who have a Certificate III or higher qualification,

Are you eligible?
To be eligible, students must:
  • Live in Queensland
  • Participate in training aligned to local employment opportunities and
  • Must not be eligible for subsidised training under the Certificate 3 Guarantee 

Participants must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be unemployed and need new skills to obtain a job or;
  • Be at risk of losing their job and require re-skilling to move to alternative employment opportunities or;
  • Be working, but looking to increase hours of work or shift from part-time to full-time employment.


For more details regarding the Boost Back to Work Program, click here.


Higher Level Skills Program
The Higher Level Skills program aim is to help individuals to gain the higher level skills required to secure employment or career advancement in priority industries or to transition to university.  You can complete a Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Priority Skills Set.


Are you eligible?
To be eligible you must meet a setup of entry requirements. If you can tick all of the following statements, you may be eligible for this funded training program.
  • I am an Australian citizen or permanent New Zealand citizen currently residing in Queensland
  • I am 17 years of age or older
  • I am no longer at school
  • I do not already hold a Certificate IV, Diploma or higher qualification
  • I am not currently enrolled in a Certificate IV, Diploma or higher qualification


*Any student who has successfully completed a Certificate IV or higher qualification will no longer be eligible for a subsidised training place under the Higher Level Skills Program.


For more details regarding the Higher Level Skills Program, click here.

A $30.00 Police Check is applicable for full fee students if not already obtained and valid.


Additional fees apply for the following electives:

HLTAID003 Provide First Aid (includes CPR) – $88.00

CHCPAL001 Deliver Care Services Using a Palliative Approach – $99.00

HLTHPS006 Assist Clients with Medications – $220.00

CHCCCS002 Assist with Movement – $210.00


If you would like to add a specialisation to your qualification, this is offered at a charge of $550.00 per specialisation.

Whilst no previous experience or knowledge is required, a competent level of literacy and numeracy is required to complete the qualification as well as a willingness to work with the elderly.


AustCare expects:

  • The ability to read, write and communicate in English proficiently (year 10 level or equivalent)
  • Successful completion of a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment
  • A Police Clearance with no criminal history in the last 10 years.
  • Physical ability to walk 8 kilometres on a daily basis.
  • Any pre-existing back injuries in the last 5 years must be disclosed.


Before entering any aged care facility, it is required that you complete a National Police Check. This must be done before any paid or voluntary work is to take place. AustCare will arrange this for you for $30.00 if you a full fee student.  Participants of the Certificate 3 Guarantee program funded by the Queensland Government will have their Police Check included as part of their co-contribution fee. To finish the course the result of this check must be clear and show no criminal history. We have been advised from our partner facilities that they will not accept any checks that reveal any matches.

This course is designed to suit everyone including school leavers and mature age students seeking a new career path or return to work persons. Students will be assessed in order to ascertain if their Literacy and Numeracy skills are sufficient to successfully undertake the training program. This is usually via interview or completion of an exercise contained in the proposed training program. Those who require further assessment or support will be referred to a qualified expert. Any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the student.

No, AustCare does the hard work for you! However if you have a place in mind, we will assist you to secure a placement at your preferred location.  If you currently work or volunteer with an aged care facility, respite centre, or other relevant organisation, we may be able to credit you for these hours.  Please discuss this with us further prior to your enrolment.

We include an AustCare student uniform to be worn during your placement this includes 2 polo shirts and a lanyard with your name.

Please note: If you are shopping around with other course providers, confirm your training organisation meets the minimum INDUSTRY STANDARD of 120 hours or work placement. If you have completed anything less, facilities will question the validity of your training making it harder to obtain employment.

In aged care, morning shifts usually start around 6:30am to 7:00am, and finish around 2:00pm to 3:00pm. Afternoon shifts start between 2:00pm and 3:00pm, and finish between 9:00pm and 10:00pm. If you are doing your placement with a disability respite centre, you should also expect to work morning and afternoon shifts.  You will not be required to do any night shifts or weekend shifts during your placement.

To help you understand your responsibilities in the workplace, you will be given a Student Code of Conduct which indicates expected standards of behaviour in the workplace. Students who have committed a breach of duty of care or who are assessed as presenting a significant risk to themselves or others during work placement may be prevented from undertaking or continuing work placement. If you require any further information, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

No – there are many factors to gaining employment, and we cannot guarantee you work. However a very high percentage of students will receive employment of some kind as a result of their work placement. We can guarantee that you will have the best trainers assisting you with your course, who also aim to provide you with the best opportunity of obtaining employment.

Within 30 calendar days of you being assessed as competent in the training program you are enrolled in, providing all fees have been paid.

At AustCare, we specialise in face-to-face, hands-on training in a classroom environment. To assist you in reaching your goals, trainer support is on hand. We encourage you to speak to your trainer with any questions you have about your course material or if you require extra support from them.

Please let your trainer know and contact our office, we can discuss the best way to move forward.

Please call us on 1300 753 491 or (07) 5646 5888.


What our students say about us
To anyone interested in the course. You will not regret it. Austcare is a great Company .Thankyou  Keith Manby
Keith Manby
Anyone wanting to do aged care I would highly recommend this organisation and a great trainer as well.  I gained employment after studying at Austcare! Tara Tilling
Tara Tilling
Aged care through austcare was amazing, friends for life. Working in aged care, I wish I did it a long time ago. Donna in cairns is amazing. Nusbaum J Moroni
Nusbaum J Moroni
Honestly everyone I'm in the middle of doing mine now it's the best thing I have done for myself it's easy to understand the trainer is really awesome and helpful you won't regret it trust me. Kylie Sawtell
Kylie Sawtell
They are great tutors, awesome course, I did it last year and its improved to keep up with what is required to get work after course. Liane Aukaha
Liane Aukaha
Austcare are Fantastic. I am doing there night class in Bundaberg and have found it to be excellent. The Trainer is fantastic who makes the classes enjoyable.  Debra Palmer
Debra Palmer
Best decision I 've ever made was to do the aged care course through you guys and as a result ended up with a job with the place I did placement. Mini Davey
Mini Davey
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole training experience, from the prompt responses to my queries, through to the professional presentation in class and finally the comprehensive exposure to the workplace through placement. with thanks, Muriel Tait
Muriel Tait
This is An awesome course! Full on. Just finished placement. 12 out of 10.
Wewia Littleton
I've had the best training with AustCare and got a job offer few days after I completed my 120 hours work placement! Thank you AustCare !!!
Ena Jamil Tickell